Smart City Bin

Cities today are beginning their transformation into the smart cities, many are well on their way already! Along with smart traffic, smart lighting, and smart energy, smart waste is an integral part of any smart city. Our offerings are fully stacked and vertically integrated so everyone sees and feels the direct benefits of using our solution, from the citizens using waste bins to waste collectors, and all the way up to the policy makers.

Binology is a smart solution for managing urban waste streams. Taking advantage of the Binology can be optimized and significantly more environmentally friendly.




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Binology is a developer and producer of smart urban solutions for efficient and sustainable waste management. The primary goal is to replace outdated waste collection technologies with such smart city solutions as IoT solar compacting containers. Those containers have fill-level measurement and garbage bins fullness sensors, synergized with intellectual cloud software. It is compatible with standard 120L wheelie bins for easy and safe trash removal.

Our solution communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to SmartCity Management, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. Binology in addition can be equipped with various optional features such as LED backlight, LCD panel, graphic wraps, and WiFi router.




■ SCSS 2

Binology SmartCity Separation Station 2 represents an innovative smart city solution for separate waste collection. It consists of two solar powered trash containers in a solid connection. One container is designed for general unsorted landfill waste collection and supplied with built-in press, which allows 8-times compaction and secure storage. The second dust bin has any compaction feature and aimed for the accumulation of recyclable materials.

Both containers in Separation Station 2 are supplied with separate fill-level measurement systems for accurate data collection. Integrated IoT controlling module will keep you informed about each fraction filling status on SmartCity Management dashboard.

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■ SC Bin Indoor TV

SmartCity Bin Indoor TV is a smart IoT solution from Binology for the indoor use with advanced advertising possibilities. This smart bin is specially designed as a brand-new opportunity for the efficient indoor waste management, supplied with two 43’’ high resolution LED screens and remote content manager at your service!

Indoor smart dust bin from Binology combines sanitary waste collection and storage with stylish and technologically advanced marketing instruments. “Clean hands” technology with build-in foot pedal in basic setup!

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■ Waste Management

EcoCity Waste Management is our waste management platform and the glue that binds all our solutions together. SCM provides the monitoring environment, smart dashboard, analytics, and control center in one comprehensive and simple package. Web-based and cloud-hosted, SCM is available anywhere you have a modern browser and an internet connection.

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