(Smart Street Light)

Lightinus is a state-of-the-art smart solar street light powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar and kinetic energy.

Its modular design and unique technological features represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication and digital services to create energy efficient and future-ready smart cities.

Lightinus smart bench

Lightinus smart bench

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• Lightinus does not require trenching and cabling significantly reducing installation costs compared to traditional lights.
• Lightinus reduces your electricity bills to zero. Traditional street lights consume 1226 kWh per year costing 700 USD.
• Lightinus generates additional savings through a dimming functionality, motion sensors and proactive remote maintenance.
• Lightinus has 365 days of autonomy, which is made possible through smart technology and energy optimization.
• Lightinus off-the-grid smart system enables ROI per unit in 2-3 years.


Models of Lightinus

Lightinus smart light

Lightinus S

Height: 4 meters
Applications: campuses, parks, squares, sidewalks, commercial and private compounds

Lightinus smart light

Lightinus M

Height: 6-8 meters
Applications: avenues, roadways, parking lots, malls and airports

Lightinus smart light

Custom Line

Height: custom
Applications: based on customer request

Advantages of Lightinus

• Solar

We utilize energy from the sun with the most efficient solar panel technology reducing your electricity bills to zero.

• Kinetic

We capture energy from your footsteps to generate additional power for Lightinus

• Remote Management

Monitor Lightinus remotely from your office, reduce your maintenance costs up to 80% and optimize your light performance.


Our latest LED light technology reduces your long term operational costs.

• Wi-Fi

The Lightinus network offers Wi-Fi hotspot, within 15 meters distance, for use by vital city services and citizens.

• Motion Sensor

Light on demand with dimming function saving electricity costs by optimizing light performance based on motion detection.

• Atmospheric Sensors

Collect important environmental statistics stored on our cloud platform to enable accurate data to help you with planning and pollution reduction.

• Modular design

Unique modular design improving logistics and installation while significantly decreasing transportation costs.